October 24, 2010 monk Mind-Body

Rock Goddess, I read a quote today in “The Five Love Languages”, by Gary Chapman that applies as much to climbing as it does to love.

“I am amazed as how many individuals mess up every new day with yesterday.”

Brilliant. How many times have you (or I, or any other climber) stepped up to a route and said, “I can’t climb routes like this”, or “I always fall on overhangs”, or any of a multitude of events from the past before we’ve even set a hand on the rock.

How can we possibly expect to send a route when we’ve already decided we’ve failed, simply because of an event in the past?

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow doesn’t exist yet. All you have, all you need to know, are the next three moves. Hand? This lovely crimp here. Foot? This smear will do but I’ll have to move fast. Other hand? Ooh, that big jug there. Done. Rest. Repeat.

Before you know it you’ve climbed that route. Sure you might fall, sure those three moves may shut you down for a while, but conquering three moves is way more approachable than conquering three hundred.

What do you think?

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